Night Cream: It can fully absorb and utilize the best nutrients for cells, make cells have enough energy, quickly decompose skin deposit pigments, inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, effectively lighten the spots, prevent them from rebounding again, consolidate the basis of the skin itself, and make the bleaching effect constant. This product contains natural whitening elements and nutritional hormone extracted from various plants. The product is also mixed with nourishing antibiotics, anti-inflammation elements and various vitamins. Net:20g*2 100% brand new and high quality. Ingredient:Papaya Extractions,titanium oxide,cetyl alcohol,vaseline,wool oil,arbutin,arnica,etc. Style:Day Cream+Night Cream The product boost double whitening factors which can directly disintegrate and eliminate the black sports formed. The product can penetrate into the deep hypodermis to crack down the lurking blisters and disintegrate melanin until eventually the effect of whitening. Type:Whitening Cream Efficacy:Day Cream: It can quickly penetrate into deep skin, block the origin of spots, improve dark skin quality, provide nutrition and moisture needed by cells, strengthen its vitality, improve its anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxygen, free radical damage ability, prevent all kinds of spots from occurring in deep physiology, and make skin white, even and bright. How to use Apply cream to your face day and night everyday. Use as make up foundation. For all skin types. Tips: 1. stored in a dry and dark place; 2. avoid contact with the wound; 3. adverse effects, stop using. Package Included: 1XDay Cream 1XNight Cream


2pcs/Set Face Whitening Removal Treatment Facial Day&Night Cream Skin Care Papaya Freckle Cream Blemish Melasma Freckle Dark Spot Corrector Removal Moisturizing Cream

Face Whitening Removal Treatment Facial Day&Night Cream Skin Care

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