Function: Whitening whole body including underarm,Female private parts,Ruddy areola,whole body whitening Clear Your Skin Completely:Remove your body odor and melanin.Get rid of summer freckles,acne scars,the red and dark spots.Regulate your pigmentation,restore the body moist and heath balance. More Gentle And Soft:With mild cleaner, creates a rich bubble and creamy to soften your skin,maintain it’s moisture.Your skin surface will be more smoother and more radiant-looking.With the superfluous disappear for good,your skin will became thoroughly lighter. Whitening Whole Body:Lighten and brighten dark areas like areola ,nipple,groin to baby like pinky.Deep clean then become visibly lighter.Whitening whole body including underarm, Female private pats, lasts a long time.Anti-inflammatory Applicable Gender,Female, Male and not for the allergy Ingredients: water, butylene glycol, propylene glycol, lauryl azone, nicotinamide, arbutin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycyrrhizate dipotassium, etc. Safe on your Skin! Contains proven natural ingredients with fruity extracts for all skin types. Formulated on the basis of natural fruity extracts such as lemon, mulberry, apple extract. It is safe on your skin as contains no bleach or harmful ingredients. Help to dilute the axillary dull,repair thick pores So that the skin whitening smooth,remove the smell Natural and flawless, carry bright color of skin, naked makeup make glittering and translucent light It contains whitening and moisturizing repair composition,protects skin from uv rays and environmental violations Powdery bottom smooth easy to push,close to the skin,resistance sweat sebum secretion effect is very good,to keep lasting beauty makeup look Directions: Twice a day, Clean skin, use and massage to absorb cream, evenly applied on the site need to go black and gently massage until absorbed.

Net weight: 10g/20g/30g/50g Packing list: 1Pcs* whitening soap/Whitening Cream

10g/20g/30g/50g Natural Fashion Whitening Cream Emulsion Skin Care Products

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